Short2Long Hair Extensions

I'm certified with the safest and strongest hair extension system in today's hair industry, the Short2long Hair Extension System.  

Adding Color with Extensions, Tampa, FLThey feel like your own hair and will not cause any damage to your natural hair. Wearing these extensions will help your natural hair to grow healthier and longer. One of the many benefits with using Short2Long, is that the hair is completely reusable!  Maybe your hair seems to only grow to a certain length then stop, or it is impossibly thin. The Short2Long extension system can be used to add length or fullness. Would you like to try some highlights or lowlights but don't want to put the chemicals in your hair?  Short2Long can also be used to add non-chemical highlights or lowlights


Adding volume with Extensions Short2Long uses two means of extension application using top-quality hair. There is no heat, glue, or chemicals used in order to secure the extensions, which makes it easy to apply and remove. The strand-by-strand, or I-Tip method, uses tiny, color coated link tubes for attachment. The hair is threaded through a looper tool, then slid into the link and gently squeezed closed to secure the extension. Using the tape-in method, I apply each 1.5" tape extension tab onto a small part of your hair, then sandwich two extension pieces together to that section. It is extremely fast and seals very lightly with heat. Produced only in the United States, Short2Long uses 100% natural human hair. The extensions are applied by using an individual, Strand by Strand Method, or in a weft Tape In Method. 


Adding length with extensions, Tampa FLAs your hair grows, your extensions will grow away from the scalp. Most people can go up to three months before needing service to the I-Tips, or 6-8 weeks with the Tape-ins. Again, the hair is completely reusable, so no need to purchase new hair to maintain your look.


Tampa Extensions The first step is to book a consultation with me in order to determine your specific needs, such as color, texture, and amount of hair required. During the consultation I will provide you with an estimate of the cost. Book your consultation today and get the hair you have always wanted!